Stop,listen,and look around

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Many people  in the poverty line are pushed to do things that are out of their desires nowadays.The topmost reasons that causes poverty are unplanned pregnancy and lack of self-discipline.The ever increasing rate of illiteracy  goes next.There are also people that are contented of their living situation in slum areas.This is not a game for a person or two.It’s a challenge to everyone of us that despite of our diversity,we can act as one.Many doors out there are just waiting for us to open ’em.Discipline and courage are the main factors that will really be helpful to attain the wishes that we have.We can’t always go on our way without passing a barrackade.We ought to take a break once in a while and be aware of where we’re standing in. 😀


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