Only hope

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The hope of being cured from the stream of agony is the only thing that makes me stand strong now.I now that it’ll take years or maybe a lifetime to vanish all these blisters that past have left behind,but at least it’s going to be much less painful.



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I’m trying hardly to turn my focus on the positive side but the corners of my eyes can still see vanity no matter how I seal it.Everything seems to be hysteric now.Madness have covered up the whole place.I paced towards the window to catch some air,but it was too inmanageable for me to breathe.The gentle,silent penetration in the edges of my heart once felt great.I stumbled a lot of times and I tried to get back into my feet yet my body felt numb.I was inmovable for a while like a wax figure.I cleared my eyes but there’s no easy way out.Confusion’s clouding up my mind that I even doubted my own existence.The adrenaline rush is unbelievable,but there’s only one thing that I could be so certain of-I can’t afford to lose this feeling and I’m going to savour it for as long as it makes me feel safe.


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I am a newbie in would appreciate if you’ll help me get started with this one.=)